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/ Accounting

Management software for accounting offices

For the office and its clients

Your accounting office clients can, at any time and autonomously, access to reports, balance sheets, and other economic and financial documentation, updated in real time.
Works on both desktop and smartphone, from the Cloud.
Permanent and updated access to:
- Consultation of account statements;
- Consultation of trial and analytical balance;
- Management reports;
- Profit and Loss Statement:
- Comparative indicators;
- Calculation of taxable income;
- Company documentation archive, such as company data, contracts, minutes, inventories, certificates, minutes, etc.
- Selection of applicable legislation
And much more.
This solution is integrated with a client management software (ERP) from the client, whichever it is (PHC, Sage, Eticadata, etc) to always obtain data in real-time and save yourself the trouble of carrying all the information manually.
When taking care of the accounting operations, you are dealing with a lot of sensitive, personal, and financial data. With our system, you can manage access permissions to ensure that only duly authorized people view the data and to the extent necessary (minimization of data processing). In addition, all activities per user can be logged to track divergences and errors. This dematerialization of information enhances security compared to paper records.
A single platform to manage all companies.
Schedule the sending of notifications to your customers and do not waste more time remembering, one by one, the deadlines for submission of the personal income tax return or payment of VAT.
Decrease customer response time. Most of your requests are now answered without calls, emails or waiting time.
If your accounting office has specific needs, it won’t be a problem. The system is perfectly customized to meet your requirements.

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