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Apps for sales management

Mobile app to support the sales force.
Totally customized for your company.

Since it works online, the app received and sends information for and from the management software (ERP) in real time. Consultation of items and stock availability, creation of proposals, transport guides, posting of orders, and conversion of proposals into orders anywhere.
The sales team has all the information in hand and all the necessary tools to close a deal on the spot, on smartphone or tablet. Task management, scheduling visits, sending proposals, follow-up, sales execution and much more. Send and receive notifications via email.
A CRM (customer relationship manager) made for your sales team. Contact and order history by customer, customer sheet and current account query via ERP. Customers can also be consulted by maturity (lead, qualified lead, opportunity, customer) to define the most correct actions for conversion.
Consultation of items by categories, sub-categories, brand, characteristics, etc...
Analytical view of contacts, visits, sales, and salesperson to salesperson or general performance.
You decide what features you need and customize the system for your company specificities.
A software as a service (SaaS) solution, that is, with continuous access to updates with no added costs. Every time a useful update is requested by a client, it is applied to all of them.

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