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Production Operations Management software for textile industries

Save money and increase productivity

The system divides the manufacturing process into phases to facilitate the overall perception of production orders and their state. Each state is associated with a color, visible on screens on the factory floor or remotely (smartphone or tablet). It can be used in several production units (factories) simultaneously.
Issue of manufacturing and purchase orders, with time stamp and completion/delivery forecasts. Possibility to convert orders into production orders. Revenue registration.
User configurable item trees with an unlimited number of nodes. Automated analysis of production capacities per station, per line or per sector. Production calendar and pending orders by item, by customer, by order date, by delivery date, and by priority.
It fits any reality and manufacturing method. Allows treatment of brands, models, families, colors and sizes, with the possibility of introducing matrices (brand x model x color x size). All operations can be noted at any time.
Taking into account the product trees and the orders, the purchase requirements of the components are identified, as well as the manpower and equipment related to the order or set of manufacturing orders. Both purchases from suppliers and shipments of orders can be automatically scheduled with base on the orders, existing stock, and average reception and production times.
Our solutions can be integrated with any kind of management software, or other, for a complete and broad work coordination. You can, for example, synchronize orders from the online store with production orders.
If connected to the logistics and warehouse software, it distinguishes reserved from free stock, both in terms of components and finished product.
Know what materials have been entered, what materials have been or will be used in the production of completed or scheduled orders, what materials remain in stock, what items have been shipped and what items are in stock. All items are traceable at any stage of production.
Calculation of run-time based on the formula preparation time + labor and machine time.
Production costs per station, per machine, per line, and per section. Or by item, by batch or by order. It also presents the general costs per month and per year.
Analysis of production efficiency per employee, per machine, per line or per sector
Identification of employees assigned to the machines. Recording of downtime and reason. Data sheets of items with operations, materials, and margins. Calculation of waste (scrap or reusable). Analysis of deviations between budget cost and actual cost.
Generation of EAN-13 and EAN-128 labels, QR code, location labels, among others, for product or batch identification.
A software as a service (SaaS) solution, that is, with continuous access to updates with no added costs. Every time a useful update is requested by a client, it is applied to all of them.

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