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Software solutions for Production Operations Management

Decrease production losses and increase the profitability of the processes.

The team can see at what stage of production each item or batch is at, on fixed screens or on mobile devices (tablet or smartphone). When a production line is down, the system shares the information and indicates the reason, so that, for example, an industry or an employee can unlock the situation.
Integrated with the software used in the sales or finance areas, Inove solutions for production management avoid double actions and reduce the mistakes caused by duplicated information.
Our solutions can handle both MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) scenarios simultaneously. They track by item or by component at any stage of the production circuit. They distribute tasks in real time per employee or per sector.
Production orders can be directly created from orders. They can also be separated according to their purpose: production under order, for stock, etc... Issue of order document.
Generation of EAN-13 and EAN-128 labels, QR code, location labels, among others, for product or batch identification.
Batch management taking the shelf life into account - FIFO (first in, first out), FEFO (first expire, first out) or LIFO (last in, first out) - or with a manually defined rule. Batch management (EAN-128) and items by colors, sizes or other characteristics. Customer and internal cross-reference.
Cost and time analysis. Planning of needs and resources for budgeting. Calculation of the price of each component used and each manufactured item. Waste identification (scrap or reusable).
Recording and sharing of product structure (Bill of Materials - BOM). Access to the product data sheet. Definition of safety stocks.
Production orders ranked by priority. Programming of preventive and corrective maintenance of equipments to avoid unnecessary stops.
You decide what features you need and customize the system so it fits your business specificities.
A software as a service (SaaS) solution, that is, with continuous access to updates with no added costs. Every time a useful update is requested by a client, it is applied to all of them.

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