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Software solutions for Logistics and Warehouse Management

Planning for resources optimization.

Our logistics solutions go way beyond a simple WMS (Warehouse Management System). They can be integrated with any management software or other, for a complete and broad work coordination. You can, for example, synchronize stock balances with purchase orders and invoicing.
On smartphone or desktop. Optimize your company’s operations by having stock and item localization accessible anywhere.
New orders are signaled in the warehouse with an audible alert. Their preparation state is updated by the minute. The system can be used in several departments simultaneously (office, warehouse, store...), showing the same information for all or distinct/filtered information.
Fixed screens or mobile equipment so that the team has immediate knowledge of goods inwards and outwards.
Use the available space in a optimized way and save locations. Know what you have and where! Track your articles in the warehouse or in different warehouses.
You can also take a photograph of your item and identify it by image association.
When there’s a need for shopping the system sends an alert and allows optical/manual reading of articles for inventory postings.
Establish rules for the outward of products or a specific set of products, taking the expiration date into account - FIFO (first in, first out), FEFO (first expire, first out) or LIFO (last in, first out).
A mobile device reads the codes from a product or batch to reduce time spent in merchandise receipt, identification and product location, and the separation and prepping of orders (picking).
Attribution and interpretation of bar codes 1D and 2D.
Inward (vendor orders) and outward documents (expedition of client orders), as well as other types of documents, can be freely created and printed through our systems.
EAN-13 and EAN-128 labels, QR code, locating labels, among others.
Batches management (EAN-128) and articles of colors and sizes.
Correspondence between articles and requirements identified by the clients.
A software as a service (SaaS) solution, that is, with continuous access to updates with no added costs. Every time a useful update is requested by a client, it is applied to all of them.

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