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Integration of softwares and systems

Connect all your company processes

As your company grows, you need more and more softwares. Each sector has its own specific functions and therefore deals with different information systems. At some point, you find it difficult to cross data and have a global view of your business. System integration exists to solve this problem, to make everyone work as one, kind of like a super-software.
- More control over processes
- A global perspective of the business
- Reduction of errors and loss of information
- Cost reduction
- Always up-to-date data
- Process automation and time optimization
- Increase in productivity
ERP is one of the biggest management tools for companies, and where most of the information is usually centralized. By integrating ERP with other softwares, you can automate a set of communications and free your employees for other tasks.
Whether to facilitate processes, to centralize data or to avoid duplicate information, APIs (Application Programming Interface) play very important roles in companies' processes and systems
Some APIs we integrate with:
Google, Facebook, Instagram Shop, Paypal, Standvirtual, Autosapo, Whatsapp, Ifthen, Easypay, Hipay, KuantoKusta, Olx, Custo Justo, CTT Expresso, euPago, Stripe
The more efficient your service in the online store is, the more you sell. That's why it's essential to automate processes in your e-commerce. Make the information clearer, the purchase simpler and the shipping faster.
You probably still have some processes that are exclusively dependent on paper files. Migrating to digital is much more than a question of environmental sustainability. It is about systematizing processes, automating tasks, reducing information losses and errors, sharing data more easily, and increasing productivity. It is a much less time-consuming procedure than you might think and with very fast results.
Excel has allowed you, among many other things, to systematize processes, automate calculations for decision making, and perform detailed comparative analysis. Is that still where much of your company's work is sustained? We can link the excel file directly to the software or develop your super-software based on the assumptions and architecture of that file.
Example of the advantages of integration
With the ERP linked to your e-commerce, you can have stock information visible on the website. When an order is placed in the online store, it is automatically synchronized to the ERP and the warehouse is immediately alerted to the need to prepare the order. The items making up the order are marked as reserved in your stock. The stock is then updated, either in the ERP or in the online store, or even in marketplaces. The site is also automatically updated with any changes you make. This way you can work on all the products using just your ERP.

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