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Solutions for the real estate sector

Website, CRM, marketplace synchronization, and much more.

Domain, hosting, email, website, blog, and CRM. Optional legal support.
Smartphone, tablet or desktop. Instant and with no need for local installations.
No information is lost. Everything is organized, accessible, and editable in a single place, without extra efforts: real estate, clients, business statistics, ERP, etc.
With a super intuitive backoffice, totally designed for real estate agents, have your portfolio always updated.
On the website, you can categorize property features and equipment as you deem most appropriate, add the images and videos you want, customize search filters, create call to action pop-ups to convert visits into leads, chat with customers, and more.
See which properties are most viewed, notice research trends, and choose the properties to highlight.
Content is king! Edit autonomously all the contents of each property, associate the text you want, have your own voice, mention the aspects you know your customers are looking for, and focus on the most appealing keywords. Good content depends only on you and brings relevance in search engines.
The website URLS, automatically generated, are always SEO friendly. We use a diversity of strategies to optimize the loading speed, fundamental both to improve the qualification to search engines, and to satisfy and convert your site's visitor.
You don't need to enter the properties one by one in each marketplace. Insert in the backoffice of the site and, with a single click, export all the information properly categorized to all the real estate marketplaces you work with. If you have different target audiences in each marketplace, our solution is totally compatible. You can choose property by property the platforms to which you want to export.
Some of the portals to which we export:
OLX, Idealista, CustoJusto, Trovit, imovirtual, Mitula.
All information about clients and potential clients, contact history. Quick contact search, task management, scheduling visits, sending proposals, follow-up, sales execution, and much more. Send and receive notifications via email. All the tools you need to close a deal on the spot, smartphone or tablet.
Customers can be organized by standard or custom categories.
They can also be categorized by maturity (lead, qualified lead, opportunity, customer) and by geographical area. The system can launch alerts for businesses close to conversion so you can manage opportunities more quickly and efficiently.
If you have several agents in the field, get daily reports of their activity, new and closed deals, opportunities, etc.
If you have several agents in the field, get daily reports of their activity, new and closed deals, opportunities, etc.
Be close to the client. Send all information about a property directly to your customer via Whatsapp.
Don't get lost in the papers. With our solutions, you can easily associate all the documentation to each of the properties and have it always at hand, on any device and anywhere.
Always have all the necessary tools to close a deal on the spot, even on the move.
With our system, you can manage access permissions to ensure that only duly authorized persons view the data and to the extent necessary (minimization of data processing).
Naturally, it handles a lot of personal data for different purposes. Make sure and proof that all have been acquired with due consent with our module that registers consents, and allows you to quickly answer your requests for consultation, rectification, portability, and personal data forgetfulness.

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